Powder Packaging
Powder Packaging

Ground coffee, flour, wheat flour and other delicate powders tend to fill the air with dust during the conveying and packaging process. To prevent this, Kenwei equips each linear weigher with a transparent shield to prevent the powder from flying everywhere, thus ensuring the weighing process remains accurate.

Our powder filling equipment is made of a clean, sanitary stainless steel, designed to reduce pollution caused by powdery materials. In addition, during FTER long-term powder material weighing, powder inevitably accumulates in machine cracks, eventually causing contamination problems and affecting the weighing accuracy. As a solution, all material-contact components on Kenwei linear weighers, including the feeding hopper, discharging hopper, vibration plate and weighing hopper are all easy to take apart and clean. This requires no additional maintenance costs, while effectively eliminating powder contamination problems.

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Precision weighing and packing is an indispensable process in the production of consumer goods and with more than a decade of experience in this industry, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectual Machinery Co. provides extensive solutions. Kenwei designs and produces equipment like multihead weighers, linear weighers, check weigher, metal detector, conveyor equipment, as well as many other machines to maximize the precision and efficiency of your operation. Our equipment can handle your products, weigh them with precision, and then take these accurate doses and feed them into your desired packaging method. Over the years, we have worked with clients in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, providing them with over 5000 weighing and packaging machines since 2006. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.