Food size, weight, flowability, stickiness, and other characteristics are all key concerns when designing an appropriate packing and weighing machine. For example, we recommend using a weighing machine with a vibratory feeder or screw feeder weigher if processing sticky products. We would recommend a linear weigher if processing materials require greater measuring accuracy (products such as powders and small granules).

Kenwei has developed multihead weighers, linear weighers, check weighers, conveyor equipment and other related products. Our weighers can satisfy dosing, weighing and mixing requirements for almost all types of materials like candies, grains, pastries, nuts, rice and even non-food products.

Other than weighers, Kenwei is able to customize integrated weighing and packing lines according to your specific processing product types, output, factory setup, etc.

    1. Bakery Packaging
    2. Bakery Packaging Kenwei provides packing solutions for all types of baked goods, including biscuits, flake pastries, cakes, and cookies. These products are often fragile and irregularly shaped, making it more difficult for auto sorting and weighing.
    1. Cereals Packaging
    2. Cereals Packaging Kenwei provides the following solutions according to the different requirements of weighing and packaging of an extensive range of grains such as cornflakes, oat flakes, cereal flakes, cereal mixes, and seeds.
    1. Powder Packaging
    2. Powder Packaging Ground coffee, flour, wheat flour and other delicate powders tend to fill the air with dust during the conveying and packaging process.
    1. Cheese Packaging
    2. Cheese Packaging The various textural characteristics of cheeses mean that typical weighing machines can have difficulties in weighing with accuracy and speed. Kenwei weighing machines offer the following advantages especially when processing grated cheese, block cheese ...
    1. Meat Packaging
    2. Meat Packaging Foods like fresh meat, fish fillets, frozen meat, sausages, and seafood pose weighing and packing challenges as the products can be super sticky, soft, and moist. Kenwei weighing machines offer the following advantages for meat processing...
    1. Frozen Foods Packaging
    2. Frozen Foods Packaging The weighing machine needs to be waterproof for effective operation. Therefore, it has the ability of water draining and drying when dealing with hard frozen foods. The Kenwei weighing machine has the following advantages for frozen food processing ...
    1. Sweets Packaging
    2. Sweets Packaging Sweets come in different shapes, size, and hardness. Hard candies are typically fragile, and the stickiness of other products makes them difficult to transport and weigh. Kenwei has made modifications to our multihead weighing machines for candy processing ...
    1. Fruit and Vegetables Packaging
    2. Fruit and Vegetables Packaging The various shapes and sizes of fruits and vegetables as well as water residue from washing can lead to significant uncertainty when weighing these products.
    1. Snacks Packaging
    2. Snacks Packaging Snacks like potato chips are fragile and easily cracked, which can cause blockage and other malfunctions. Kenwei can modify our multihead weigher to solve these problems ...
    1. Pasta Packaging
    2. Pasta Packaging Cooked pastas contain a water and present different levels of acid due to other materials. Pasta also comes in various shapes, levels of fragility, as well as stickiness.
    1. Non Foods Packaging
    2. Non Foods Packaging Non-food products like metal hardware come in various shapes and feature sharp edges. These products can cause significant impact force when dropping and it can also create a lot of noise.
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Precision weighing and packing is an indispensable process in the production of consumer goods and with more than a decade of experience in this industry, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectual Machinery Co. provides extensive solutions. Kenwei designs and produces equipment like multihead weighers, linear weighers, check weigher, metal detector, conveyor equipment, as well as many other machines to maximize the precision and efficiency of your operation. Our equipment can handle your products, weigh them with precision, and then take these accurate doses and feed them into your desired packaging method. Over the years, we have worked with clients in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, providing them with over 5000 weighing and packaging machines since 2006. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.