Granule Filling Equipment

Dry, granular products like grain and candy are difficult to move and control over a conveyor as they flow so easily. This also makes it difficult to control the weighing accuracy during the weighing and packaging process. To solve this, Kenwe’s array of volumetric filling machines are designed to measure a product volume instead of it’s weight, then distribute materials in uniform quantities. Using one of these packaging machines in a packaging line for grain and candy materials not only streamlines operation, but also enhances efficiency.

Our volumetric filling machine comes in vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machine and pre-made pouch packaging machine.

An automatic VFFS machine boots speed and efficiency while the packaging system forms a bag from the roll stock, then takes the bag from the dispenser, fills it, then secures it. Functions include a heavy-duty stainless-steel design and convenient operation. Using a bucket elevator, the bulk product is divided into smaller quantities, raised to a higher position, and conveyed onto other packaging machines. The stainless-steel structure allows for long-lasting durability and easy maintenance. We also recommend a bucket elevator for movement of lightweight and granular products.

The pre-made pouch packaging machine is designed to replace manual pouch feeding operations, and it picks the pouches up, rotates them to the filling area, then opens the pouches and leaves them there. After the pouches are filled, the platform vibrates materials and rotates them to the next station for heat sealing. Once each process is complete, the finished product is distributed with no spattering, thus protecting the packages against contamination. All finished products are then moved using a conveyor.

If you are looking for a production line for completing the weighing and packaging tasks, Kenwei offers extensive customization services for customization of weighing and packaging lines, integrating product conveyance, weighing, packing, labeling and cartoning according to customer requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

    1. Automatic VFFS Packing Line
    2. Automatic VFFS Packing Line Automatic vertical form fill and seal packaging line with multihead weighers has advantages of wide universality and is capable of complete production procedures include auto feeding, weighing, bag forming, filling and sealing, date printing and discharging.
    1. Semi-Automatic VFFS Packing Line
    2. Semi-Automatic VFFS Packing Line Semi-automatic VFFS packing line includes manual feeding, auto weighing, transporting and discharging, it has excellent cost performance and suitable for those small or medium-sized factories which are not affordable for fully automatic packaging machines.
    1. Form-Fill-Sealing Systems
    2. Pre-made Pouch Packaging Line Pre-made pouch packaging line with multihead weigher applies to snacks weighing and packing such as candies, seeds, jellys, nuts, chocolates, frozen foods and etc., as well as small hardware or rubber parts. This packaging line can work with multiple types of bags, such as 3 side seal pouches, 4 side seal pouches, bottom gusset pouches ...
    1. Weighing and Packing System for Mixed Products
    2. Weighing and Packing System for Mixed Products Weighing and packing system for mixed products is a combination packing line integrated with several weighing or packing machines to realize mixing, dosing, weighing and packaging purpose for all types ...

Kenwei has developed multihead weighers, linear weighers, check weighers, metal detectors, conveyor equipment, label printers, and count verification machines to meet a variety of packaging requirements. We have carried out mass production of custom weighing and packing production lines for customers in the past, and a few standard cases are shown here. Customers are also welcome to contact us regarding specific requirements, and we guarantee the highest possible product quality and the best services.

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Precision weighing and packing is an indispensable process in the production of consumer goods and with more than a decade of experience in this industry, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectual Machinery Co. provides extensive solutions. Kenwei designs and produces equipment like multihead weighers, linear weighers, check weigher, metal detector, conveyor equipment, as well as many other machines to maximize the precision and efficiency of your operation. Our equipment can handle your products, weigh them with precision, and then take these accurate doses and feed them into your desired packaging method. Over the years, we have worked with clients in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, providing them with over 5000 weighing and packaging machines since 2006. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.